Code of conduct for rescues

As a member of Helping Homeless Pets (“HHP”), my Rescue Organization agrees to comply with the following Code of Conduct as voted on February 2017 by the HHP Board of Directors, the elected decision making body of HHP.

Helping Homeless Pets Members shall:

1. Carry out their rescue activities in a professional, positive and considerate manner, so that their representation brings credit to HHP, their own rescue organization and other ethical rescues/rescuers.

2. Operate strictly in a Not-For-Profit capacity, and receive no personal compensation for any rescue work except reimbursement for approved and documented out-of-pocket expenses. Members shall not utilize for personal gain or benefit, rescue discounts or donations specifically intended for the benefit of animals in the rescue

3. Ensure that each and every volunteer in this rescue is aware of and educated about HHP, in particular our standards and ethics.

4. Ensure that any personal or confidential information pertaining to HHP any member(s) of HHP, OR any third party or parties, remains strictly confidential other than with the express prior written consent of that member or members to share. 

5. Assist other reputable rescues and rescuers when able, in accordance with their stated needs and instructions. Such assistance may take the form of, for example: visiting/assessing animals to be surrendered or transferred; visiting/assessing potential adopters, volunteers or foster homes; assisting with transport, and; providing temporary housing. It may also include promotion of, or assistance with, or sharing of space at, public events to benefit HHP or individual Rescue Organizations, or both. The stated policies and guidelines of the requesting rescue/rescuer must be respected and followed.

6. Not use their position to divert support, fundraising efforts, donations, an animal, potential adopter or potential foster home into their own or any other rescue without the express permission of HHP and/or the rescue/rescuer who initiated the request.

7. Not allow any person to participate in its rescue activities that has been charged or convicted of any act relating to animal neglect or cruelty under any Municipal, Provincial/State or Federal regulations or laws.

Grievance Procedure

Upon receipt of a written HHP "Code of Conduct" grievance by the Board of Directors regarding any member where a violation is perceived, HHP agrees to notify said member and provide a forum for response to said grievance. Violation of the HHP Code of Conduct for Rescue Volunteers is grounds for a hearing and/or action by HHP. This action may include a verbal reprimand, a written reprimand or suspension or expulsion from the HHP. Should a volunteer be removed from HHP due to non-compliance of this Code of Conduct, that volunteer will not be allowed to return as a volunteer at any time.