about us

Our mission

Helping Homeless Pets works to support legitimate and ethical Canadian pet rescue organizations, by assisting them with fundraising for medical care, public awareness and education.  This allows our members to better focus on the care and finding of a suitable home for the pets they have rescued.

Each pet listed on our members' websites and social media has been saved by a member rescue organization, evaluated, given proper medical care and prepared for adoption through that organization.

Our history

Helping Homeless Pets was created in November 2006 to help volunteer-based pet rescue organizations who help unwanted pets get a second chance at a new home, and who help reduce the number of pets that may become homeless or abandoned.  We do this by directly supporting our member pet rescue groups, giving them opportunities to liaise and help each other with transports, assessments and home visits, and by helping to publicly raise awareness and educate current and future pet owners.  We are working to unite pet rescues across Canada, in the knowledge that by working together we can rescue more homeless pets and prevent future homeless pets.  

HHP requires that our member rescues observe a Code of Conduct.  A Code of Ethics is also in place for dog and cat rescues.

How HHP helps our rescues

We assist our member rescues in a number of ways.

Proper assessment, vet care, fostering and adoption screening/placement are the most time consuming aspects of rescue.  Medical care creates the largest financial need.

Our goal is to provide direct assistance with some of the administrative and fundraising aspects of rescue, so that volunteers can direct more of their time to caring for animals. 

Where do rescued pets come from?
HHP is a Canadian based charitable organization and, as such, members must always give priority to homeless pets in Canada.  We have strict policies concerning the origin of rescued pets taken in by our member groups.

Dog Rescues
Dog rescues may choose to help dogs based upon their breed, their size, their location, their need or other factors.  When rescuing dogs, each group must give priority to dogs located in Canada, according to available space and capabilities of foster home space available.  Dog rescues may import some shelter dogs from the USA, provided they are healthy and properly vetted (including vaccination and HW testing) prior to transport, safely transported and meet all Canadian import requirements.  HHP dog rescues may not import dogs from any other countries.

Cat & Small Animal Rescues
Our cat and small animal rescues do not import animals from outside Canada.